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Hubriflex Benefits and FAQ

What can Hubriflex do for my horse or pony?
Hubriflex provides nutrients involved in the maintenance of normal cartilage.
Are there any side effects?
No significant side effects reported.
What is the recommended dosage?
Horses 500kg and above should be given 40gms daily for 10 days as a loading dose and then 20gms daily thereafter.
Ponies should be given 30gms daily for 10 days as a loading dose and then 15gms daily thereafter.
How do I give it to my horse?
Hubriflex should be mixed into the Horse’s feed.
How long will the container last?
Using our recommended dosage quantities, one container of Hubriflex will last 1 medium sized horse 40 days.
What does it cost?
The cost is less than $4.00 per day to treat the average sized horse.

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