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Hubrihomme Testimonials

A great New Zealand Product - use it with confidence
Sally Clarke (Olympic Medallist)

I wanted to say thanks for the Hubrihomme capsules you sent me a couple of months back, they have been great.
First of all my recovery has improved. Also my knees and some joints that used to hurt have become painless and stronger, great stuff !!
Darryl King
New Zealand
Darryl is a professional Motocross rider and is former No: 2 in the world

Over the past 5 years I have had major back discomfort, I was unable to bend to put my socks on in the morning and had continual pain when riding horses, which I just put up with.
Two years ago I broke my ankle and was resolved to the fact that it was going to be another discomfort I was going to have to put up with.
I have now been using Hubrihomme religiously for the past three months and after the first week I noticed a huge improvement in my back and after a further two weeks noticed the pain in my ankle subsiding. Pain is now a distant memory and I can assure you that I will be staying on Hubrihomme as it has helped me become a more active person again, without the discomfort I used to have before using Hubrihomme.
Dr Paula Brocklehurst
New Zealand

Thank you for the Hubrihomme capsules. I am a retired builder and have suffered pain and had restricted mobility in my wrist for some time.
I started taking the Hubrihomme capsules and have found more mobility in my wrists and the pain has decreased.
Bruce Whittle
New Zealand