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Hubrihound Technical Data

Item Name: Hubrihound - 500G Powder
Item Number: 003
Price: $75.00 incl GST + P&P
Item Name: Hubrihound - 250G Powder
Item Number: 004
Price: $45.00 incl GST + P&P

Hubrihound is manufactured from the finest quality ingredients and contains no added sugar, and is free of gluten, yeast. artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

500g Container will last approximately 100 days
250g Container will last approximately 50 days

Large Dogs (50kg plus)
One 5gm scoop daily
Medium to Small Dogs
Half scoop daily
Toy Breeds
Quarter scoop Daily
Each 5g dose contains:
  • 500mg glucosamine sulphate
  • 500mg perna mussel extract
  • 100IU Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol succinate)
  • 4gms flavoured base with freeflow agent

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